COVID-19 Services:
Emergency Energy Cost Reduction Services

Decades of experience dealing with pathogenic threats

白洁被东子老二三p,齐p小短裙Stay at home orders have led to reduced occupancy in most buildings, wasting valuable resources.

白洁被东子老二三p,齐p小短裙NV5 can implement short-term energy cost reductions by expertly, and remotely, managing energy systems into an Asset Protection Mode. The graphics to the left show 30-40% in actual cost savings from several clients over the past 2 months in Asia.

We understand that funds may not be available for this initiative and we can be flexible on a payment plan or bring in third party financing. Having done this for several clients already, we are seeing energy cost savings over 40% during these low/no occupancy periods.



  • Talking with your FM staff to understand practical, and code compliant areas of opportunity for cost reduction
  • Remotely connecting to BMS with our Enalytics™ platform to identify quick wins for cost reduction (No site visit required)
  • Producing a brief cost/benefit analysis
  • Securing all possible utility, state, and Federal grants, rebates, and incentives
  • Ensuring your facilities will be ready to go back to full operations with a minimum of effort and cost.

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